FL Studio 20 Full Crack Free Download

FL Studio 20 Full Crack Free Download

FL Studio 20 Full Crack Free Download BumenSoft | Yang hobby edit-edit musik pasti sudah tak asing lagi dengan software ini dong?. 

Okey sedikit informasi buat yang mungkin aja ada yang belum tau. Fruity Loop atau yang biasa disebut juga FL Studio merupakan software Digital Audio workstation (DAW) adalah sebuah software yang berguna untuk mengolah/mengedit ataupun membuat audio/music berbasis digital.

Dengan software ini kalian bisa menciptakan sebuah musik yang utuh tanpa memerlukan alat musik sama sekali, lho kok bisa? yup, karena pada dasarnya didalam software ini sudah terdapat banyak sekali sample sound yang bisa kalian rangkai sendiri. Sangat cocok buat kalian yang menyukai musik berjenis EDM/DJ namun bisa juga digunakan untuk genre musik lainya.

Ada yang unik dari FL Studio 20 ini. Kenapa? yup karena versi sebelumnya adalah 12 bukan 19 hehe. Saya sendiri tak mengerti mengapa bisa seperti itu. Apa saja fitur-fitur terbaru di Fruity Loop Studio 20 terbaru kali ini?

Download FL Studio 20 Full Patch Free

New in FL Studio 20: 

  • Mac support - FL Studio is now available as a 64 Bit native macOS Application. Includes Audio Unit (AU) and VST plugin support. AU plugins will scan, along with VST plugins, using the Plugin Manager.
  • Time signatures - See the sections for the Playlist & Piano roll. The default Time Signature is set in the Project General Settings and Time Signature changes with Time Markers. Right-Click Time Markers and select 'Time signature'. Use (Shift+Alt+T) to set time-signatures from the playhead position or over the selected time-range. Use the on Pattern Clip Menu'Use current time signature' to set a Time Signature based on Playlist position.
  • Consolidate Clips (~ Freezing) - Bounce selected Audio and Pattern Clips to a single Audio Clip via:
    • Playlist menu > Tools > Consolidate playlist selection - Bounces selected Clips to Audio.
    • Playlist track > Right-Click > Consolidate this track - Bounces an entire Playlist Track to Audio.
    • Picker Panel > Right-Click Clip menu > Render as audio clip - Creates Audio Clips ready to use.
    • Picker Panel > Right-Click Clip menu > Render and replace - Replaces Playlist Patterns with Audio.
  • Playlist Arrangements - An 'Arrangement' is the layout of Audio, Automation and Pattern Clips in the Playlist as you added them. Use the drop-down Arrangements menu to manage multiple Playlist versions of the project (working ideas, sound design, versions etc).
  • Plugin Delay Compensation - Automatic PDC now work for all normal use-cases including for Mixer sends. Manual and Auto-PDC can now co-exist. Manual PDC is applied as an offset to Auto PDC. Updates include:
    • Audio recording - New audio input delay control on the INPUT menu, to fix latency issues with individual audio inputs.
    • Icon colors - Automatic (Orange), Manual (Blue) or not set (gray).
    • Mixer menu - Plugin Delay Compensation > Reset manual latency on all tracks - Option to reset all manually set latency values to zero.
    • Metronome - Now latency compensated.
    • Mixer FX Slots - Latency compensated Wet/Dry mix knob. Processing delay is now compensated when mixing the Wet/Dry signals from an effect for each FX slot.
    • Continuous adjustment - Roll the mouse wheel over the time icon or latency display (Mouse Wheel) = 10 mssteps, (Ctrl+Mouse Wheel) = 1 ms steps, (Ctrl+Alt+Mouse Wheel) = 1 sample steps. Mouse Wheel works in three places: Track Input latency icon (FX panel), Track Output latency selector (FX panel), Track Output latency icon (Mixer Tracks).
    • Wrapper Offset - The latency shown in the Wrapper Info can be set and saved per plugin. Use to compensate plugins that consistently report an incorrect latency.
  • Updated Toolbar - New Toolbar design and editable layout.

Classic Features Return:

  • Graph Editor - The classic feature is back! Edit note velocity, pitch, pan etc, right from the Channel Rack.
  • Sampler Channels - 'Legacy' precomputed effects are back.


  • Playlist Tracks - Increased to 500 from 199.
  • Audio recording - Realtime display of audio data as it is captured. Multiple takes are grouped when recording.
  • Playlist menu - View > Resize all tracks. Choose from 33% to 200%.
  • Time Markers - Punch in/out Time Markers so you can start/stop recording using Time Markers.
  • Hide grouped tracks - New option 'Playlist Menu > View > Hide collapsed grouped tracks'. When used, a small arrow on the right-side of the Track header, can be clicked to open and close the hidden tracks.
  • Playlist preview - 'Playlist Menu > View > Mini playlist preview' is selected by default.
  • Playlist Right-Click header-menu - Right-Click options to 'Mute all clips' and 'Unmute all clips', to make undo of consolidated tracks faster.
  • Playlist - Improved visibility of Clip borders in Solid view mode.
  • Audio Clips - New stutter patterns for Audio Clip Menu > Chop.


  • Fruity Compressor (Update) - Added an option to report processing latency. Option is accessed from a menu on the Type field (on by default).
  • Edison (update) - 24 Bit file export option.
  • Fruity Reeverb 2 (Update) - Modulated reverb using Modulation (amount) and Speed options to break up 'ringing' or 'metallic' sounds.
  • Slicex - Regions menu option 'Set all cut groups to...', a pop-up will allow users to assign the same Cut Group to all slices. Added popup with destination track names to send control.
  • VFX Level Scaler (New) - Scale Note Properties as received from the Piano roll. The graph shows input-output mapping for Note - Velocity, Release, Pitch (fine), Pan, Mod X and Mod Y values.
  • DirectWave (Update) - A Zone's loop type can now be set for all selected Zones at once. New 'Copy to selected zones' option for some Zone parameters.
  • Drumsynth Live - Added track names to the Send control's popup menu. Send works for any mixer track without prior linking.
  • Fruity Convolver (Update) - Added a PDC control (), just above the Editor window, to set an impulse's latency so PDC is correctly applied. Related, there are two new Linear Phase EQ presets, 'Linear phase EQ (Long compensated) and (Short compensated)' that make use of this feature.
  • Fruity Reeverb (Update) - Is now a 64 Bit FL plugin.
  • Harmor - Visual feedback panel scaling oct/Hz scaling saved with the plugin settings.
  • ZGameEditor Visualizer (Update) - Layers can be collapsed. Buffered layers are more obvious. Text position and size can now be specified in decimals. Copy/paste layer to and from clipboard. New project 'Wizard' presets. Increased responsiveness to 'Linear' peak effect. Color button on HTML tab to paste color to test. New effects, New 'SplinePeaks'. Youlean: 'Blur', 'Motion blur', 'Bloom' and 'Color correction'. Improved quality for FFT based presets.
  • Patcher (Update) - Reduced memory usage.
  • Updated plugins (general bug fixes) - BassDrum, Drumaxx, Drumpad, Effector, GMS, Hardcore, MiniSynth, Morphine, PoiZone, Sakura, Sawer and Toxic Biohazard.


  • Mixer Tracks - Increased to 125 from 104.
  • Mixer (Layout Menu) - Two new layout options (Compact AltWide Alt), showing track names at bottom.
  • Reset mixer tracks - Right-Click option for selected Mixer tracks 'Reset selected track(s) to default'.
  • Mixer/Channel rack - Renamed the '(none)' preset used to delete generator and effect plugins to '(delete)' to help reduce confusion.
Fryity Loops Studio 20 Full version Free Download

System Requirements:

ü  Operating systems: Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8/7 (32 or 64 Bit)
ü  RAM: 4 Gb or more RAM recommended
ü  Hard disk: 4 Gb free disk space

Download Link : 
Fruity Loop Studio 20 Full Version Free
File size : 709MB

Langkah Instal

1.       Ekstrak lalu Install, setelah selesai, silahkan exit

2.       lalu buka folder Patched, copy isinya dan paste ke
C:\Program Files (x86)\Image-Line\FL Studio 20
3.       Replace yang asli
4.       Selesai

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